Areas of Work

Abdulla Al-Saadi Law Firm for Advocacy, Legal Consultancy &Arbitration operates in all branches of the law, and we focus particularly, and with proven excellence, on fields of civil law, trade law, corporate law, banking and financing, intellectual property, patenting, healthcare laws, insurance laws, land mediation laws, commercial arbitration as well as conciliation, negotiation and settling disputes.

Intellectual Property

Abdulla Al-Saadi Law Firm lawyers work in the field of intellectual property with a comprehensive scope. Our services include trademarks and patent registration, copyrights and neighboring rights, industrial designs and geographical indications as well as provide assistance in applying for patents, trademarks or registration of any of the domestic and international rights both nationally and internationally, as well as representation of patent and trademark holders before competent examination committees in addition to drafting necessary licensing agreements.
On the other hand, Abdulla Al-Saadi Law Firm also works on intellectual property litigation so as to strengthen the international protection system in the framework of further advancing principles of enhancing living in a secure environment that is fully protected and free from violation of privacy in general. The firm’s scope of work is outlined, unboundedly, as follows:
1- Conducting thorough research prior to commencement of registering any of the rights provided for in WIPO treaties.
2- Registering trademarks, electronic transactions and safeguarding trade names, intellectual property and unfair competition, as well as providing our clientele with constant counsel on how to preserve the acquired intellectual property rights in a framework that protects trade secrets as well as the clients’ confidentiality of information.
3- Litigation, which includes pleading before all Qatari courts concerning disputes arising from intellectual rights violations, such as cancelling trademarks, intellectual property disputes, registration conflicts and protecting the acquired right of priority.


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