Areas of Work

Abdulla Al-Saadi Law Firm for Advocacy, Legal Consultancy &Arbitration operates in all branches of the law, and we focus particularly, and with proven excellence, on fields of civil law, trade law, corporate law, banking and financing, intellectual property, patenting, healthcare laws, insurance laws, land mediation laws, commercial arbitration as well as conciliation, negotiation and settling disputes.

Conciliation, Negotiation and Settling Disputes (Alternative Dispute Resolution):

Abdulla Al-Saadi Law Firm offers conciliatory solutions to its clients, whether such disputes were among individuals, among legal persons or between individuals and legal persons when entering into new contracts or agreements, or in situations where previously concluded contracts were signed. Our firm intervenes from the beginning of the negotiation stage to discuss terms of contracts and the reconciliation of views between the parties through to drafting the contract until reaching the stage of signing and implementing.
Our firm also provides innovative solutions to conflicts. We have well-reputed expertise in providing counsel to settle disputes that might emerge, or those which have already emerged between companies and institutions in a professional manner that saves time, effort and cost that clients usually endure to solve such disputes had they resorted to regular legal offices. Our expertise has proven to settle disputes with minimal time and cost.
We also provide effective solutions to disputes emerging between our clients and their employees whether they are foreigners or nationals concerning regulating their employee status in terms of salaries, allowances and pensions in accordance with the terms stated in their employment contracts as well as the laws regulating the employer-employee relationship, accommodation laws, regulations as well as all subjects pertaining to work and the workforce. We also follow up on investigations and penalties imposed on employees.


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