Areas of Work

Abdulla Al-Saadi Law Firm for Advocacy, Legal Consultancy &Arbitration operates in all branches of the law, and we focus particularly, and with proven excellence, on fields of civil law, trade law, corporate law, banking and financing, intellectual property, patenting, healthcare laws, insurance laws, land mediation laws, commercial arbitration as well as conciliation, negotiation and settling disputes.


The banking and finance sector is one of the giant sectors around on the scale of the globe, and essentially, such sector is intertwined with other diverse sectors in different areas in the practice of law.
Attorneys at our Banking and Finance Department work on several legal levels, such as representing banks and financial institutions involved in financing or loaning processes. Fields of practice include direct lending, real estate financing and financial services regulation.
Through procedure-related operations, our attorneys are equipped, and willing to cooperate with you to deal, on your behalf, with all loan-related procedures and negotiations, as well as all procedural processes that touch upon your best interest, as well as letters of credit, real estate asset financing, joint loans, special-purpose financing and all commercial loans.
The firm provides all banking-related legal counsel. Our clients can obtain legal counsel concerning all aspects of due diligence in lending processes so as to assess risks and legal requirements.


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