Our Team

We have best Legal practitioners

The Team is intricately selected from among professional legal practitioners who are of the highest caliber in terms of technical legal competence, due diligence, responsiveness and being hard at work at attending to our clients’ needs. Our Team is hence committed to the highest standards of professional delivery of professional legal services to our clientele. Our Team is constantly updated and trained on the various sets of laws, rules, regulations, policies, guidance and legal systems issued by the Qatari government.

Hamdino Gamea

Legal Counsel

Mr. Gamea is a Legal Cousnsel at Al-Saadi Law Firm, and has extensive experience on civil and commercial adjudication in addition to drafting and reviewing contracts. Previously, he had worked at the Essam Sultan Law Firm in Egypt before joining Al-Saadi Law Firm team.

Akram El-Soudy

General Manager

Mr.El-Soudy has extensive experience on Administration and Business planning through his previous work experiences with a number of corporates in Egypt Mr.El-Soudy joined Al-Saadi Law Firm in 2016 as a General Manager of the Firm.

Mahmoud Eleiba


Mr. Eleiba obtained an LLB from Alexandria University (English department). He worked with regional organizations in the field of legal research and International Human Rights Law. He moved to Qatar to work in field of corporate law and is currently working at the department that focuses on corporate and contracts at Al-Saadi Law Firm.

Haytham El-Sherif

Legal Consultant

Mr El-Sherif has obtained higher Ijazah in Shariah Studies from Al-Azhar University. He also studied Law from the South Valley University. He holds a master’s degree in public law and comparative fiqh from Assiut University. He has experience as a legal consultant in Doha and an attorney for the Egyptian Ministry of Health. He’s member of the Egyptian Bar Association and a law researcher.

Adel Othman

Legal Consultant

Attorney at the Court of Cassation and Supreme Constitutional Court in Egypt. He’s also member of the Arab Lawyers Union. Mr. Othman specializes in civil and commercial disputes and has taken part in international arbitral disputes. He also managed an Egyptian high-level legal firm. Currently, Mr. Othman is a legal consultant at the Civil Law Department in Abdulla Al-Saadi Law Firm.

Esraa Sameh

Public Relations Manager

Ms. Sameh holds a Bachelor of International Affairs with a Mass Communications Minor from the College of Arts and Sciences, Qatar University. She currently manages the Public Relations office in Abdulla Al-Saadi Law Firm.