Civil Law

Civil Law includes issues related to disputes among different parties, whether they are natural persons or legal persons, and entails dealing with financial transactions, breaching contracts, pay claims, real estate deeds and regulating corporate businesses in general.

Civil law touches upon every aspect of life. Therefore, it is part and parcel of our firm’s general practices that entails so many other branches, such as trade laws, corporate law, land mediation law, intellectual property law, banking law, insurance law as well as other codes governing and organizing financial and commercial transactions.

Our practice is focused on offering legal advice, which includes, first, drafting and necessary review of all contracts and documents emerging resulting from civil obligations against third parties. Second, it includes litigation handling civil lawsuits including compensations and pay claims as well as other civil rights.

Commercial Law

Abdulla Al-Saadi Law Firm offers state-of-the-art legal service in the field of trade law through providing counsel to the clientele or by representing them before courts or judicial authorities. Such services apply, unexclusively, to commercial agreements, drafting and formulating documents, establishment contracts, commercial agency law, mergers and acquisitions, licensing and franchising.


The corporate sector is a key field of practice in our firm. Abdulla Al-Saadi law firm earned the trust of many of its valued clients and corporates represented by the firm through providing permanent consultancy as well as representing our clientele before all courts of the state regardless of court grade, including the Court of Cassation. We have reached such success through partnering with several institutions and companies inside and outside Qatar to provide them with legal counsel or represent them before judicial authorities.

The firm’s services provided include, but are not limited to, negotiating concerning establishing companies, drafting and formulating contracts necessary for companies and institutions as well as mergers, acquisitions, public acquisitions, IPOs, corporate loans, corporate governance, Qatar Stock Exchange laws, commercial transaction laws and project support, and last but not least, corporate liquidation and dissolution.


The banking and finance sector is one of the giant sectors around on the scale of the globe, and essentially, such sector is intertwined with other diverse sectors in different areas in the practice of law.

Attorneys at our Banking and Finance Department work on several legal levels, such as representing banks and financial institutions involved in financing or loaning processes. Fields of practice include direct lending, real estate financing and financial services regulation.

Through procedure-related operations, our attorneys are equipped, and willing to cooperate with you to deal, on your behalf, with all loan-related procedures and negotiations, as well as all procedural processes that touch upon your best interest, as well as letters of credit, real estate asset financing, joint loans, special-purpose financing and all commercial loans.

The firm provides all banking-related legal counsel. Our clients can obtain legal counsel concerning all aspects of due diligence in lending processes so as to assess risks and legal requirements.

Intellectual Property

Abdulla Al-Saadi Law Firm lawyers work in the field of intellectual property with a comprehensive scope. Our services include trademarks and patent registration, copyrights and neighboring rights, industrial designs and geographical indications as well as provide assistance in applying for patents, trademarks or registration of any of the domestic and international rights both nationally and internationally, as well as representation of patent and trademark holders before competent examination committees in addition to drafting necessary licensing agreements.

On the other hand, Abdulla Al-Saadi Law Firm also works on intellectual property litigation so as to strengthen the international protection system in the framework of further advancing principles of enhancing living in a secure environment that is fully protected and free from violation of privacy in general. The firm’s scope of work is outlined, unboundedly, as follows:

1- Conducting thorough research prior to commencement of registering any of the rights provided for in WIPO treaties.

2- Registering trademarks, electronic transactions and safeguarding trade names, intellectual property and unfair competition, as well as providing our clientele with constant counsel on how to preserve the acquired intellectual property rights in a framework that protects trade secrets as well as the clients’ confidentiality of information.

3- Litigation, which includes pleading before all Qatari courts concerning disputes arising from intellectual rights violations, such as cancelling trademarks, intellectual property disputes, registration conflicts and protecting the acquired right of priority.


The healthcare sector is among the most important and fast-growing sectors in the world, as it is witnessing accelerated changes in accordance with the non-stop shifts in the rules and regulations governing healthcare.

Healthcare sector disputes extend to compensation arising from medical errors, allegations of fraud and embezzlement, as well as ordinary complains that may be an ordinary result of medical practices in general.

The firm’s team of attorneys vows to provide the best legal service in the field of healthcare, including litigation and legal counsel. Our attorneys focus particularly on critical legal issues affecting healthcare through ongoing review of the ever-changing nature of the regulatory environment and practices through working on sustainable access to novel information on healthcare.


Through our specialist counselors, Abdulla Al-Saadi Law Firm works on lawsuits related to risks compromising safety of individuals and funds. Such work requires legal effort in order to guarantee state-of-the-art assurances as well as guarantees results in the best interest of our clients.

Our scope of work in the insurance sector includes marine insurance and asset destruction insurance covering properties, incomes, occupational injury, individual injury, medical negligence, responsibility of employees, employer’s responsibility as well as demands resulting from occupational accidents.

We also have proven expertise with non-standard disputes, such as disputes taking place between holders of insurance policies and insurance companies, or between insurance companies and the insured on the one hand, and a third party on the other hand, or between an insurance company and a reinsurance company.

Land Mediation Laws

Abdulla Al-Saadi Law Firm provides an umbrella of legal care and protection to all parties of the contractual relationship through working on all legal aspects pertaining to real estate laws including selling, purchasing, leasing, transferring of private real estate properties and public property, settling claims against property rights and issues involving landladies/landlords and tenants as well as allocating and dividing lands and territories. Such operations are of utmost importance in contractual relations, which have an impact on contracting parties and the emerging results and consequences of contracts.


Our firm works on arbitral issues in a professional manner that suits our clientele through all stages of an arbitral lawsuit, starting with drafting the contract along with its arbitral clause or chartering the arbitral clause in case the contract lacked one and the parties of the contract decided to resort to arbitration, via preparing to conduct the prosecution of the arbitration as well as representing our clients before the arbitral tribunal, ending with reaching the arbitral award issued by the arbitral tribunal and the execution of it.

The firm also has a special department for drafting all kinds of contracts and settling all resulting disputes.

Conciliation, Negotiation and Settling Disputes (Alternative Dispute Resolution):

Abdulla Al-Saadi Law Firm offers conciliatory solutions to its clients, whether such disputes were among individuals, among legal persons or between individuals and legal persons when entering into new contracts or agreements, or in situations where previously concluded contracts were signed. Our firm intervenes from the beginning of the negotiation stage to discuss terms of contracts and the reconciliation of views between the parties through to drafting the contract until reaching the stage of signing and implementing.

Our firm also provides innovative solutions to conflicts. We have well-reputed expertise in providing counsel to settle disputes that might emerge, or those which have already emerged between companies and institutions in a professional manner that saves time, effort and cost that clients usually endure to solve such disputes had they resorted to regular legal offices. Our expertise has proven to settle disputes with minimal time and cost.

We also provide effective solutions to disputes emerging between our clients and their employees whether they are foreigners or nationals concerning regulating their employee status in terms of salaries, allowances and pensions in accordance with the terms stated in their employment contracts as well as the laws regulating the employer-employee relationship, accommodation laws, regulations as well as all subjects pertaining to work and the workforce. We also follow up on investigations and penalties imposed on employees.