Wafa Zayed - Mohamed Noman       Legal elite put the finger on the wound in medical errors   Establish a committee of impartial medical examination and legislation for the trading of health information   Faleh Al-Hajri: "East" has been to encourage serious initiatives for institutions   Saadi: the expansion of the precautionary legal action reduces the chances of an error   Jznan Hajri: Create a neutral interest of Forensic Medicine for the study of medical errors   Two options: severe punishment on violators of the rules of medicine and healers   Dr. Mohamed Salah: the concept of confidentiality is a cornerstone of medical care   Al-Mutawa: a system of quality control and minimizes medical errors   Virtual: supervisory conditions on the appointment of doctors and harsher punishment of offenders   Academics and lawyers called for the formation of the Committee on Medical neutral from several quarters to put an end to medical errors, and procedures misdiagnosis health all segments sector, and the development of mechanisms of action to save the reputation of the medical errors killed many, and left behind disabilities and impairments, as the medical error although small, it shall be referred to points of investigation and public prosecution and the judiciary.   The lawyers that the support given by the State health sector generous, and is rarely found in many countries and that the bulk of the budgets are where health care is the lion's share, but some errors plaguing the profession, such as diagnosis, treatment and nursing errors many cases may lead to destruction, as well as and there are very high material costs paid by the state compensation therapeutic or sums of money spent to treat those cases abroad.   They called in a seminar on "The Middle" monthly "medical errors and legal proceedings arising from it," in cooperation and coordination with the Qatari Lawyers Association, and presented by a group of legal experts and experienced, to enact legislation dealing with the circulation of medical information, and stiffen penalties for violators of the sanctity of the bodies of the workers and practitioners of this profession.   Lawyers outlined the problems, which is to cover up the resulting shortening the doctors of medical errors, the wrong diagnosis, and lack of field experience to some doctors, and not to rectify the error and treatment, and adverse effects of medical errors on the economy, families and the patients themselves.   They said: "The Middle" newspaper has always embrace issues of concern to the community and those in charge of drawing national strategies, health, educational, cultural, environmental and others.   And participated in a seminar by Dr. Mohamed Salah legal adviser at the University of Qatar, and the lawyer Jznan Hajri secretary of the Qatari Lawyers Association and coordinator of the Legal Middle seminar, and the lawyer on the virtual, and the lawyer Abdullah al-Saadi, the lawyer Abdulla Mohammed Al Mutawa, the lawyer Mohammed options Deputy Deputy Attorney General earlier, the lawyer Uday Jadallah, the lawyer Hamdino collector.   Initially colleague Faleh Hussein Al Hajri welcomed -naib Prime Tahrir any cooperation with national institutions, to spread the conscious culture in the society, saying: "The Middle" newspaper has been extending a helping hand to any serious local initiatives, shed light on issues touching local affairs, and stimulate bodies and officials to take constructive decisions in the interests of all who live on this earth richly.   He praised the Qatari Lawyers Association's initiative in holding a monthly series of legal seminars, to establish the legal awareness among everyone.   He hoped to do the national institutions footsteps Lawyers Association, because of its positive impact in the dissemination of legal culture-conscious, and educate the public about the legal procedures, and mechanisms of litigation.     Attendance at the seminar     For his part, lawyer Abdullah al-Saadi expressed the hope that the concerned authorities take the initiative to enact legislation to avoid the neglect suffered by the patient, and the expansion of precautionary legal procedures that reduce fatal errors, and the need for regulators to oversee the hospitals and doctors.   He praised the great efforts made by the judicial authorities to give everyone his right, and study of the situation of many of those affected by the surgical procedure, and this by assigning a legitimate medical committees to find out the exact diagnosis and careful study of pathological cases.   He expressed the hope of a just judiciary to increase compensation Jaber damage to the injured, adding that the damage is not only physical, physical, and even beyond to the psychological and moral, family and social damage may exceed the physical damage, which occurred on the patient.   Law and select a medical error that shortened the doctor in the medical its course, varies between negligence and recklessness and lack of precaution, as the responsibility of the doctor and the two sides: a breach of his professional duties and legal proceedings arising from his mistake and that was no easy inadvertently cause injury to others.   Work is normal for the doctor asking him to do his job like everyone to have the foresight and caution in behavior, and to make the necessary care not to damage, and is responsible in two cases: If you made a mistake as a result of ignorance of technical matters knowledge of the supposed terms of diagnosis, treatment and prescribing fitting, if conducted scientific experiments or research not supported technically on his patients and the consequent harm them.   Lack of precaution   He explained the concept of negligence in medical errors like keeping the bandage in, for example, prepared a person, and frivolity as a surgery in the left thigh instead of the right, for example, where the doctor does not take the initiative to read the file before doing the operation, and the lack of prudence means risking conducting a dangerous operation in the area of ​​the body may be unnecessary .   And the error of negligence, the lawyer al-Saadi said he knows of civil crime is the breach of a legal duty, and I mean prejudice to the availability of civil liability, if hyper doctor in that responsibility sustained him of criminal responsibility, and when he was a doctor in the implementation of its obligations carries on medical ones and the other technician, it must take into account the nature Professional for his work, and this is measured by the behavior of the doctor and varies depending on the nature of the work.   Lawyer Mohammed options demanded tougher punishment for offenders and medical treatment to the instructions in the Penal Code, and the allocation of committees