About us

Abdulla Bin Mohamed Al-Saadi is a Qatari law firm for advocacy, legal consultancy and arbitration services that offers state-of-the-art advice and enjoys a professional reputation since its foundation. The firm’s scope of work includes litigation, drafting and reviewing contracts and providing legal counsel for corporates, businesses and the resulting entities. Our fields of practice are focused mainly on civil, commercial and corporate laws as well as banking, financing, intellectual property, patenting, healthcare, insurance, land mediation, commercial arbitration as well as conciliation, negotiation and settling disputes.

Abdulla Al-Saadi Law Firm preserves a reputation for the highest level of attention and expertise among its clientele as well as potential clients. We also provide high quality services to our clients through closely following changes in clients’ needs and demands as well as following, monitoring and sharpening expertise and skills of our lawyers, attorneys and consultants to ensure your standards are met.

Abdulla Al-Saadi Law Firm’s operation is based on the expertise of the working team to provide the advice necessary to guarantee quality and accuracy of work required by business owners. We also represent our clientele inside courtrooms or by solving legal tasks and problems through negotiations and alternative disputeresolution procedures outside the courts of law.